It seems that many people have a misconception about hypnotherapy, they think they may no longer be in control and will in fact be extremely vulnerable.  I want to tell you that this is not the case.  Hypnotherapy puts you into a relaxed state similar to that of a daydream or the state you experience whilst trying to get to sleep at night.  The state between being awake and asleep.  Both of which are easy to 'snap' out of, that is if you want to of course.  Hypnotherapy puts you into a relaxed state where your unconscious mind is open to suggestions.  This whole time you are still in complete control because your conscious mind is always there in the background ready to protect you from anything you do not want to do.  

You will probably know about hypnotherapy from watching TV programmes where a Hypnotherapists asks the audience to come up onto the stage are and hypnotised into doing something silly.  I can assure you that this is not how hypnosis works.  I work with my clients to find out what the issue is and how hypnotherapy can help.  Hypnosis is based on suggestions implanted into the unconscious mind.  These suggestions are the clients, not mine.  I cannot implant anything in your unconscious mind that you do not want there as your conscious mind will jump in and warn you.  So don't worry I cannot uncover your deepest secret (unless that's why you have come for hypnosis) or your bank details and I most certainly cannot make you run around clucking like a chicken.