Bespoke counselling to suit you




Bespoke counselling to suit you


I offer an approach to counselling that suits your needs.  

Everyone is unique and after our initial session I will be able to tailor therapy to suit you.  I also offer counselling online via skype or by telephone, however face to face counselling is more effective.

A high level of commitment and attendance is required for each counselling session to progress and for the desired outcome to be achieved.  I am aware that counselling can be costly and although I recommend weekly sessions if finances are an issue sessions can be arranged fortnightly.

My counselling service includes counselling adults, children, adolescents and couples.

Some of the areas I deal with are:

  • Anxiety, Depression and Loss
  • Family Issues, Fears and Phobias
  • Low Self-esteem, Low Confidence and Anger Management
  • Abuse, Trauma Work and Related Issues
  • Abortion, Miscarriage, Emotional Abuse and Bereavement

I can also help with Stress Management, a course of 8 sessions where I use various techniques to teach you how to manage stress.


Individuals £35 per 50 minute session

Couples £50 per 50 minute session  £65 per 70 minute session

Children £30 per 50 minute session

Students£25 per 50 minute session (proof required)

Hypnotherapy £45 per one hour session


I offer a discount on block bookings of 4 sessions or more, please ask for details.

*Please note that there is a cancellation fee payable if sessions are cancelled within 24 hours of session time

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Integral Eye Movement Therapy

Integral Eye Movement Therapy

Integral Eye Movement Therapy

Integral Eye Movement Therapy was originally developed by Andrew T. Austin based on the work by Connirae and Steve Andreas and has been taught internationally in the USA, England, Poland and India. Integral eye movement therapy (IEMT) is a developing therapy in the area of change work that is simple but extremely effective. From my training and using this technique myself I have seen how effective it is.

IEMT uses eye movements as the dominant mechanism for change. The client is asked to move their eyes to certain patterns which bring about these changes. IEMT is a rapid change process that has been very effective in dealing with trauma and other negative emotions, it has also been effective with other issues such as phobias, fears, anxiety and identity.

This type of therapy is normally used when nothing else has worked or when a client has explored all their issues but still feel 'stuck'. When we suffer from certain traumatic events we can struggle to get past them and move on. This starts to affect our lives in negative ways. IEMT helps to 'unstick' the brain and help change our thought process and how we feel.

There are five primary patterns that appear common to many 'stuck' clients:

1. Three Stage Abreaction Process

A pattern of escalating emotional behaviour in order to attempt to create change in the external environment & in other people.

2. The Great Big, "What if..." Question

The use of a single counter-example that sabotages and counteracts any therapeutic generalisation.

3. The Maybe Man/Woman Phenomena

The Maybe Man/Woman is uncertain of their own experience and this leaks out into language.  By remaining uncertain and without precision he does not commit to his genuine experience or to his identity and thus inadvertently sabotages effective therapy.

4. Testing for Existence of The Problem Rather Than Testing for Change

Even though 99% improvement might be made, if the person with chronicity is able to locate just 1% of the problem existing, this will generally be seen as representative of 100% of the problem existing.

5. Being "At Effect" rather than being "At Cause"

By being "at effect" the person experiences emotional problems happening to them, rather than being something that happens because of them.  A person "at effect" will seek 'treatment' rather than seek change.

I integrate Integral Eye Movement Therapy in client plans if I consider it to be a beneficial technique. I also offer it as a sole technique if you feel like you do not wish to go through the counselling process or if you have already tried other talking therapies or techniques. I would always recommend counselling first but will respect the wish of my client on the route they would like to take.

IEMT takes around 2 Hours either, this can be in one sitting or over two,  whichever suits you.

Please feel free to ask me any questions.




A Supervisor plays an important part within the Counselling/Psychotherapy profession.  Supervision is an essential tool to provide supervisees with a safe and supportive environment giving them the opportunity to reflect on their practice and development on so many levels.  It provides such a wide range of benefits for the supervisee and their clients.

I have now added Supervision to my list of services.  I have a BACP endorsed Diploma in Counselling Supervision and adhere to the BACP's code of ethics.

In my private practice I work as an Integrative Counsellor and also work this way with Supervision.  If you are looking for a Supervisor please feel free to give me a call or send me a message.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have.  


£35 per 1.5 hours for Qualified Counsellors

£30 per 1.5 hours for Students

I offer Supervision face to face or via Skype